Organic Cleaning

Organic Cleaning

Organic Carpet and Rug Cleaning strives not only to make your home look clean but also to ensure that you and your family’s safety is preserved. We share the same advocacy with the crowd of environment activities in promoting a healthier and safer world. Thus, we ensure that our services are in line with this focus, and our procedures are designed to promote eco-friendly means. We do our rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, and shades and blinds cleaning while keeping an environmentally friendly process in mind. We do not just use the label “organic” and “natural” in describing our services to create traction and attract sales. We genuinely follow the natural means because we want to safeguard families and help them achieve a comfortable and safe home where they can have their peace of mind. We help you get rid of bacteria, allergens and germs to keep your family far from sickness. We disinfect your home to protect you from colds, allergies, and flu. Seeing families staying healthy and happy with our services make us truly proud. Our cleanings are safe for children the elderly and pets. We use all safe, chemical and odor free cleaning products. We service all areas of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Riverdale, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island and New Jersey. We offer free on site, phone, email, text and chat estimates for your convenience.

What We Clean

At we have mastered the art of cleaning with our top notch service alongside our knowledgeable cleaning staff. We try our vet best to remove all stains, such as; urine, feces, milk, vomit, juice, water, wine, dirty, grime, tar and all other stains, especially the hard to get out stains. We clean all of the following...

Carpets (rooms, hallways, steps, basements, attics, corridors, elevators, lobbies, commercial and residential etc.)

Area Rugs (synthetic, wool, silk, sisal, jute etc.)

Upholstery & Furniture (chairs, ottomans, chaise lounge, loveseats, couch, sectionals, futons, mattresses, fabric headboards, slip covers etc.)

Window Treatments (Drapery, Austrian Shades, Curtains, Luminette, Silhouette, Panels, Swags, Honeycomb Shades, Roller Shades, Roman Shade, Balloon Shades, Valances, Fabric Vertical Blinds, Vinyl Vertical Blinds, Wood Blinds etc.)

How We Clean

We use organic products in cleaning our cleaning services to protect our customers, our staff, and the environment. We follow clean practices in delivering our service. We use effective and environment-friendly products to ensure optimum quality. We take the time to do research and development to decide which products are the safest product, with the most powerful cleaning effects. Our products have no ammonia, alcohol, petroleum, and other forms of toxins. We even go the extra mile to educate clients on other eco-friendly ways of maintaining a beautiful and safe home. The last thing we want is to cause harm to anyone or anything—especially our environment. Thus, our organizational goals are always geared towards saving homes, offices, families, pets and the world in general. We train our staff about the best practices, and we employ only the safest tools and products. We even reuse bottles, reduce waste, optimize routes, and maximize other means to help the environment. We do all these while keeping your personal needs and our services’ quality. We make our green solutions flexible and our approach win-win for everyone.

Our Commitment

We clean customers’ homes and offices items their way. We respect their personal preferences, so we ensure that we are transparent with the procedures we take and the products we use. It’s your home after all, so we do not stick merely to our own practices. In case you have a special request, we can always take that into consideration. We deliver our service just the way you want it. Rest assured that we will do whatever we can to offer the best customize green cleaning solutions. That is our commitment.

So when you’re looking for an amazing organic cleaning service + an amazing price call us,

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Organic Cleaning