Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

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Our carpet cleaning service covers all sorts of carpets. From industrial and commercial to residential, our cleaning service suits all kinds for all purposes. Let us handle your carpet cleaning needs and see the difference after we deep clean them. From home carpets, office carpets, school carpets and even staircase carpets, to carpets of different styles which require meticulous and careful handling. Carpets give a room a certain aesthetic appeal, but owners should not compromise safety for the sake of beauty. This is why our cleaning prioritizes elimination of not only dirt, but also allergens. Rest assured that all carpets can be put under our care. You will be more than happy with the results. We use all safe, chemical and odor free cleaning products. We service all areas of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Riverdale, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island and New Jersey. We offer free on site, phone, email, text and chat estimates for your convenience.

Experienced Staff for Quality Service

At Carpet, we have only the best technicians for all of our services. Our technicians are trained to handle different kinds of carpets and render only high quality service. They are able to assist you with questions and simple tips on how to take better care of your carpets. They are sure to get the job done with exceeding expectations. Their experience over the years with different carpets ensures that quality of carpet cleaning is put at top priority. They go through a vigorous 6 months of on-site training and then 6 months of seminars in all aspects of cleaning. Only after 12 months are they able to serve you. Our technicians are knowledgeable experts, and our clients can be assured that knows our technicians very well. For safety purposes, we do random drug testing and background checks. Most other cleaning companies do not do this.

Customized Carpet Cleaning to Suit Your Needs

Our cleaning services are available early mornings, late evenings, weekends and holidays, all at no extra charge to our customer. We understand that you have a life and may not be available during normal business hours. We offer same day cleaning, one time cleanings, monthly cleaning, yearly cleanings etc. We are there when YOU need us to be. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with 3 shifts of cleaning service teams. You can choose what date and time works best for you.

Using Only the Most Reliable Methods

The type of carpet cleaning method will depend on your carpet. Most carpets do well with hot-water extraction, but if your carpets are older and require extra care, our experts are able to do shampoo cleaning or deep cleaning without compromising quality and cleanliness. You can trust our technicians to determine the best method of cleaning. Stains and smells can quite bothersome, too, and much harder to eliminate, so leave it up to us. We do our best to ensure that all methods eliminate dust, dirt and allergens. New carpets can be quite costly so cleaning it is always a better option and best to leave them to our experts.

What We Clean

We clean all wall to wall carpets, including: rooms, basements, attics, steps, hallways, corridors, office buildings, board rooms, waiting areas, lobbies, elevators, medical facilities, warehouses, house of worship, day care centers, schools and all other carpeted areas. Residential, Communal and Industrial.

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Carpet Cleaning