Area Rug Repair

Area Rug Repair

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Repairing Rugs? Not a Problem For

Rugs have several purposes. They can make any room transform into something amazing or give a warm, cozy feel to a home or office. They also have decorative purposes, but, in a lot of cases, they are known for their wide range of utility. Rugs are used for people to wipe their feet with, to prevent scratches from furniture and pets, and to wipe off dirt and spills on the floor. They are deemed to be very handy in every day’s simple dilemmas. However, rugs have limited lifespan. They may soon have holes and tears that would be difficult to fix. Luckily, there’s, a top-class rug repair service provider.

The Burden of Damaged Rugs

Damage to any area rug is expected over time but having your rug require a repair due to a tear, rip, color fade or even pet stain is just annoying. We at do all sorts of repairs to all rugs. We do all repairs on all rugs, such as: Synthetic, Nylon, Wool and Silk, etc. Oriental, Persian, Afghani, Indian, Moroccan, Pakistani, Turkish, Dhurrie, Kilim, Sisal, Antique, Heirloom and all others. Other than that, a damaged rug could impose certain danger to its users. Rugs with multiple tears and rips could cause them to get tangled. In worst cases, you could trip over the rug. Moreover, a poor-quality rug already has limited use. For example, they need to wipe spills repeatedly since the rugs already have a poor absorbing capacity. To avoid any of these from happening have your rugs repaired as soon as possible.

Get The Repair You Need

It takes both skill and proper tools to get a repair job done efficiently. We have state of the art repair equipment, new fabrics, new dyes and all the latest information on new techniques to repair rugs better, faster! Just simply get in touch with us and tell us what repair your rug requires. We will explain our process, give you a time line and issue you the cost of the repair. We offer free estimates, free pick-up and free delivery. We offer the best repair services with our skilled experts and state-of-the-art tools. We don’t limit their services to repair, we also offer rug cleaning services to ensure successful rug restoration. Not all companies offer both rug repair and cleaning services, but with, you can enjoy both kinds of services and experience an extensive rug repair process.

We Offer a Number of Options. Here Are a Few Examples:

Patching holes

Mending tears and slits

Reweave ripped rugs

Fix damaged sides and corners

Handle water damage

Restore rug color

Remove major pet stain and odor

We Handle Damaged Rugs Through the Following 6 Steps:

Inspect the kind of damage and decide on the price for its remedy.

The rug is brought to the company facility.

The rug is then repaired with our skilled workers and our finest tools.

Additional restoration procedures are performed, if necessary.

The rug is thoroughly washed and dried (optional)

It is packaged properly and delivered back to the client.

So when you’re looking for an amazing rug repair service + an amazing price call us,

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