Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

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No one wants to walk or lay down on an unclean rug in their home or office. So make your rug look brand new and regain its firm yet smooth feel, get it cleaned by us, We are a rug cleaning service that is available 24/7 in all areas of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Riverdale, Queens, Long Island and Staten Island. We clean all rugs: Synthetic, Nylon, Wool and Silk, etc. Oriental, Persian, Afghani, Indian, Moroccan, Pakistani, Turkish, Dhurrie, Kilim, Sisal, Antique, Heirloom and all other rugs.

No matter what kind of rug you need cleaned we have a cleaning solution for you. We’ve developed a professional rug cleaning technique that removes minor and major stains and restores the rug to its original condition. Not only will your rug get back to its top condition, it may even look better and last longer. We also offer free fringe cleaning treatment on all Deep Cleaning rug services. We offer free estimates on all rug cleaning services.

Free Estimates/Consultations on Area Rug Cleaning

If you’re paying to get your rug cleaned, you might as well get the best services. You don’t want to have badly trained rug cleaners to handle your rug as you’ll only risk ruining its quality. Your rug should undergo the cleaning process that exactly fits it so it can have the optimal cleaning and protection it needs. So call our friendly customer support and inquire about what’s best for your rug. You can catch us anytime as we’re available 24/7. We can schedule an obligation-free on-site consultation just for you.

On Site and Off Site Cleaning Available is dedicated to giving impressive rug cleaning services for both homes and offices. We offer gentle hand washing, deep shampooing, and even industrial machine washing. We offer on site and also off site rug cleaning services. Depending on what sort of rug you have. On site cleaning will save you time just in case you have an event the next day and cannot send your rug out for cleaning. Both on site and off site cleanings bring back amazing results, off site cleaning gets deep into the rug fibers and removed any major stains, spots, spills and odors on site cleaning cant.

To give your rug a fine finish and to ensure that it’s complete dirt-free, we offer the following add-ons:

Deep Stain Removal


Organic Rug Cleaning

Pet Stain and Odor Removal


Scotchgard Protection

Specialty Cleanings

We specialty cleanings as well, such as: Water Damage, Flooding, Fire Damage, Soot, Mold, Mildew, Bed Bugs, Moth Damage, Pet Stains and Odors, Blood, Vomit, Wine Spills, Juice Spills, Water Based Paint and all other rug cleaning issues.

Deep Cleaning Process:

Stage 1: Examination and Pre-wash

Before we begin cleaning, we make sure to carefully examine your rug for any mold, damages, vegetable dyes, color runs, etc. We also check the bindings and the fringes for any tear. Then, we take several photographs of them for our records. We can also send them to you upon request.

Stage 2: Light Wash

After we’ve determined what cleaning fluid your rug needs, we give it a light washing. Using our movable device, we initiate thin steam washing to remove the dust and other particles that are on the surface of your rug.

Stage 3: Pre-treatment

If your rug has special stains like those caused by pets, we use a special stain removal solution so that they’ll be easy to remove and ready for the next stage.

Stage 4: Deep Wash

Once the little particles are removed, your rug is ready for deep washing. We soak your rug in a big washing pool to make sure that all soap residues from the previous stage are removed. This is also effective in getting other dirty spots from your rug.

Stage 5: Scenting

We add an organic, delicate fragrance to the washing pool as it will further sanitize the area rug and freshen it up. You can choose from various fragrances including Baby Powder, Peach, Citrus, Cherry, etc.

Stage 6: Grooming and Drying

We use specialized tools to groom the rug and give it a final combing to manage the fringes. We then dry it in a climate-controlled room. The level of air flow and the temperature is tailored to suit the type of rug you have.

Stage 7: Post-Washing

We will review the rug to ensure that no odor or stain is left behind. If there’s a need for a second wash, then we will do it.

So when looking for an amazing rug cleaning + amazing price call us,

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