Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

247Carpet.com is dedicated to drapery cleaning and also blind cleaning. With our long years of experience in the industry, we certainly have come to establish the trust of our clients. We know how essential it really is for clients to keep each and every corner of their abode as nice and as inviting as is possible. Therefore, we make sure that our drapery & blinds cleaning and our window treatment in general are up to the mark.

Drapery Cleaning
Ensuring a smooth and seamless drapery cleaning is second nature to us. Our cleaning procedure is manufactured foolproof to ensure your own windows get the best look and feel. The cleaning procedure we follow involves removing dust, pollen, smoke, soil, and smells. We guarantee that our clients’ draperies are returned with parallel pleats, smooth as well as hems, and zero shrinkage. Your draperies will be cleaned and also hung back with utmost treatment. We actually provide you with repairs and alterations and also customized drapes and window treatments, delivering a guarantee that you may get any type of help you may need.

Blind Cleaning
247Carpet.com looks after your shades and blinds like certainly no other. We offer the best cleaning choices for all kinds of blinds. The following are a number of the types we cover:
· Vertical and also horizontal blinds (aluminum or wood)
· Cellular shades
· Honeycomb shades
· Convertible colors
· Roller colors
· Plantation shutters

Window Coverings Cleaning
247Carpet.com can even deal with the most uncommon window coverings. Be it Best treatments, Valances, Sheers, Tie-backs, Festoons, Balloons, Lambrequins, Roman & Austrian shades, Scarves, Swags, Cornices, and Cascades, we certainly have the right cleaning strategy to look after all window covering types.

Window treatment
Windows can definitely get dirty conveniently. Even if you have well-insulated and sealed windows, dust together with dirt nevertheless make their way in, leading to dirt buildup on your own window treatments. 247Carpet.com provides the sort of window treatment that helps you enjoy long lasting results.

Cleaning Method
The sort of method we carry out in our window therapy depends upon the sort of material your window is made of. For example, metal mini-blinds are taken off their brackets and soaked or perhaps power washed to eliminate the grime and dirt. Silk roman shades, on the other hand, have to be taken off your windows and get dry cleaned by our professionals that are well-trained in handling window coverings and upholstery fabrics.

If your window covering is non-fabric, similar to plastic, we soak and also wash it clean with bleach and hot water.

Our fabric window treatments which aren’t shape-specific, like rectangular tabbed panels, are machine washed. We are able to proceed the extra mile and also dry clean or press them to stay away from shrinkage and wrinkles.

Whether it’s for your house or perhaps office, we are able to look after your draperies together with blinds like it’s ours. We promise no harm and no loss of resins or sizing. We follow the best industry methods in dealing with window treatment. Each and every member of our team is exclusively skilled to get the job done the best method achievable. We provide our services at the most affordable prices. Any time you require help with your own windows, we are going to be a click away.




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